Team Enduro

Event Information

Event information

An exciting race which is all about team strategy and pit stops.

1-6 drivers per team

Each team must decide when to organise their pitstops to change drivers and each driver must post a qualifying time and race a minimum of two times.

How much?

  Monday to Friday Saturday or Sunday
Enduro 60 £100 £110
Enduro 90 £130 £140
Enduro 120 £160 £170
What's included

What's included

  • Full-face helmet 
  • 30 minute practice/qualifying
  • 60, 90 or 120 minute race
  • Top 3 teams receive medals and the winners a bottle of bubbly to spray


  • Monday to Sunday - 9am to 10pm 

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What's required?

What's required?

The physical design and size of karts operated by Raceworld Ltd may be a limiting factor for certain drivers.

  • Drivers should be a minimum of 5ft 1 inches (1.55cm). This is not a guarantee drivers can participate, all drivers must be able to reach the pedals and be physically able to drive the karts safely.
  • We recommend drivers wear soft shoes. Trainers are ideal, open toe footwear and high heels are NOT ALLOWED!!
  • Helmets are provided, in a variety of sizes. Drivers who bring their own helmets should be aware that we only accept full face helmets with visor or goggles.
  • Spectators are welcome at no extra charge


Raceworld BalaclavaBalaclavas

Balaclavas must be worn by all drivers using our helmets. You can provide your own or they are available from reception for: 

Standard - £3 
Raceworld Branded Souvenir - £5

The balaclavas supplied by Raceworld are re-usable so bring them along with you next time you race.

Recent reviews

Love it

Have been coming here for a while, always love it, everyone is so helpfull and want you to do your best time! I will be returning and if i could would return on a weekly basis!

Alfredo Roces Alvarez - Google Plus

Made my absolute day!

Went to raceworld today as spontaneous alternative after my stag party was postponed due to the problems we are all currently facing.
The guys at raceworld made my absolute day with their hospitality and warm welcome as soon as we stepped through the door.

Jack Cowling - Google Plus