Event information

Event information

Our Practice sessions are aimed at individuals or smaller groups who want to hone their skills.

20 minutes track time (2 x 10 minutes sessions)

Whether you're a novice who wants to try out karting for the first time, or a more experienced driver who wants to post a time in our Hot Lap Championship, these practice sessions give you the track time to improve.


£30 per driver - Monday to Friday

£35 per driver - Weekends/B.Holidays/School holidays

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Whats included


  • Full-face helmet*
  • Printout of lap times

*Helmets are sanitised after each use with 70% alcohol solution and kept out of circulation for a minimum of 3 days (72 hours)


We run our popular practice sessions every day but times will vary depending on booked events.

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Call 01395 233397

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What's required?

What's required?

  • Drivers should be a minimum of 5ft 1 inches (1.55cm). This is not a guarantee drivers can participate. All drivers must be able to reach the pedals and physically able to drive the karts safely.
  • We recommend drivers wear soft shoes - Trainers are ideal
  • Open-toed footwear and high heels are NOT ALLOWED!!
  • Helmets are provided in a variety of sizes. Drivers who bring their own helmets should be aware that we only accept full-face helmets with visors or goggles.

Spectators are welcome at no extra charge


Raceworld BalaclavaBalaclavas

Balaclavas must be worn by all drivers using our helmets. You can provide your own or they are available from reception for: 

Standard - £3 
Raceworld Branded Souvenir - £5

The balaclavas supplied by Raceworld are re-usable so bring them along with you next time you race.

Brilliant afternoon, team building

Never knew our salon team was so competitive. Very professional setup. Better than expected. Good explanations and preparation, good H&S.

Roger T

Fantastic as ever

This is our second visit this week. Whenever we are in the area I bring my son here, he loves it, the staff are friendly and helpful.


Perfect activity on a lads' bank holiday trip

This is definitely the best place I have been to. The track was challenging and well-designed...everyone was really friendly.


Good times

Went with work colleagues had a fantastic time. Very professional setup. The instructions and briefings were good and not too long.

Blair G