Open Super Prix

Event information

Event information

Based around F1 type experience but with 50% more track time compared to the Grand Prix, where we gather two or small to medium sized groups together to run a full event.


£47.5 per driver - Monday to Friday

£55 per driver - Saturdays/Sunday/B.Holidays

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What's Included?

What's included?

  • Racesuit
  • Full-face helmet
  • 10 minute practice
  • 10 minute qualifying 
  • 20 lap final for all drivers
  • Top 3 drivers receive medals and the winner a bottle of bubbly to spray


We can book an open events at any time but we do require a minimum number to run an event. 

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What's required?

What's required?

The physical design and size of karts operated by Raceworld Ltd may be a limiting factor for certain drivers.

  • Drivers should be a minimum of 5ft 1 inches (1.55cm). This is not a guarantee drivers can participate, all drivers must be able to reach the pedals and be physically able to drive the karts safely.
  • We recommend drivers wear soft shoes. Trainers are ideal, open toe footwear and high heels are NOT ALLOWED!!
  • Helmets are provided, in a variety of sizes. Drivers who bring their own helmets should be aware that we only accept full face helmets with visor or goggles.
  • Spectators are welcome at no extra charge


Raceworld BalaclavaBalaclavas

Balaclavas must be worn by all drivers using our helmets. You can provide your own or they are available from reception for: 

Standard - £3 
Raceworld Branded Souvenir - £5

The balaclavas supplied by Raceworld are re-usable so bring them along with you next time you race.

charity Karting

I arranged a charity Karting evening at RACEWORLD. This venue just keeps improving and is the best ever. Top quality karts, challenging course and professional staff team ensured that all of our drivers had a brilliant evening - Back again in October

JeffTheChairman - Trip Advisor

Brilliant way to spend a couple of hours!

The team at Raceworld are fantastic! Really friendly and helpful with hints and tips to get better times.
The track is great from beginners and experienced karters and the go karts are great fun!
We usually struggle to find something that we all want to do and all enjoy but this was definitely that!
Everyone had a great time and those who’ve karted before said it was the best time they’d had.
If we’re ever down this way again we’ll definitely be back!

ravensong101 - Trip Advisor

Awesome fun

Our shop got a reward for being awesome. All decided we fancied trying Raceworld. Could not have been any more fun. The guys are brilliant, put you at ease, answer any questions, nothing is too much trouble. We had an awesome time and are already planning our next trip out there. Thanks guys

Richer Sounds Exeter - Trip Advisor