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Race Types
Race Types


Raceworld can offer you a bespoke booking experience where we will design a session around your budget, group size and what you are trying to achieve or there are ‘off the shelf’ events available such as those listed below.

There are three types of session available at Raceworld; PracticeOpen Competitions and Exclusive Events

Practice: There is no booking available on these sessions as they are run on a first come first served basis. Please contact us for availability

Open Competitions: Two or more small to medium sized groups join together to run a full event.

Exclusive Events: Exclusive use of the track for groups and corporate events.

  • Sprint 205-60 drivers (Minimum 8 drivers Saturday 10-5pm)
  • Sprint 405-60 drivers (Minimum 7 drivers Saturday 10-5pm)
  • Grand Prix:  5-60 drivers (Minimum 8 drivers Saturday 10-5pm)
  • Super Prix:  5-60 drivers (Minimum 7 drivers Saturday 10-5pm)
  • Iron Man:  5-12 drivers (Minimum 7 drivers Saturday 10-5pm)
  • Formula 50: 5-12 drivers (Minimum 8 drivers Saturday 10-5pm)
  • Endurance 60/90 or 120: 5-12 teams with 1-6 drivers per team (Minimum of 6 Teams Saturday 10am-5pm)