Open Team Enduro

Event information

Event Information

An exciting open race which is all about team strategy and pit stops.

1-6 drivers per team

Each team must decide when to organise their pitstops to change drivers and each driver must post a qualifying time and race a minimum of two times.

Bringing together two or more small to medium-sized groups to run a full event.

How much?

  Price per team
Enduro 60 £150
Enduro 90 £180
Enduro 120 £210

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What's included?

What's Included?

  • Full-face helmet 
  • Practice session
  • 60/90/120 minute Le Mans style sprint race
  • Top 3 teams receive medals


We can book an open event at any time but we do require a minimum number to run an event. 

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What's required?

What's required?

  • Raceworld is suitable for drivers over the age of eleven and with a minimum height of 155cm (5ft 1 inch). For drivers who do not meet these requirements we operate one cadet kart (Minimum age 11 and 140cm minimum height) and one twin seater kart (Minimum age 7 and is dual control and driven by an instructor). 
  • The minimum requirements are not a guarantee you can drive, as all drivers must be able to reach the pedals safely and be physically able to turn the steering. Please contact our friendly booking team via email: or Call 01395233397
  • We recommend drivers wear soft shoes - Trainers are ideal
  • Open-toed footwear and high heels are NOT ALLOWED!!
  • Helmets are provided in a variety of sizes. Drivers who bring their own helmets should be aware that we only accept full-face helmets with visors or goggles.

Spectators are welcome at no extra charge


Raceworld BalaclavaBalaclavas

Balaclavas must be worn by all drivers using our helmets. You can provide your own or they are available from reception for: 

Standard - £3 
Raceworld Branded Souvenir - £5

Brilliant Experience

Brilliant experience, I've done karting many times but this was the most fun and entertaining from start to finish. Kieran our race director was very professional but also a lot of fun and we had such a laugh with him.. The track is different to any other I've been to with palm trees and painted track which looks brilliant. You get debriefs between races where they tell you your lap times and give you pointers on where you could be better and it obviously works as my lap times got better each time I went out. Very good 👍🏻

Martyn Stillman - Google Plus - Oct 2021

OMG im definitely going again

Such amazing dedicated staff and my son and his friends love the grand prix racing. The briefing after each session was informative and the staff funny . The venue itself is clean and well layed out with a viewing platform, plenty of seating and a race board

Michelle Humphries - Google - Oct 2021

Spot ON

Excellent venue, staff and facilities. The format was spot on and all my family had a great time.The staff especially were wonderful, friendly and a focus on safety which was refreshing to see. Great job guys, we'll be back for sure.

Leon Millard - Google - Sept 2021